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As Hiyel Technology, we position our company at the center of the technological co-operations. We started off as the children of a generation, who were born in the Anatolian territories 9 centuries ago, invented the first robot, and designed robotic and algorithmic systems working with water and mechanical parts ahead of their time, to repeat this success.


As Hiyel Technology, we consider information-based technologies for our country, not only as a development tool but also as a vital working area to exist. We determine our working areas in line with this point of view. Bringing out such products that financially carry export potential, developing counterparts of over-costing import information products, carrying into action of sectorial projects having strategical importance, such as finance (being at the top), defense, environment, health, is the primary one of our most important targets.

We believe that education is not enough for seizing the future in information by itself; that we need talented, smart and those persons who are passionate for success; and that engineering works, such as Fintech Projects, Internets of Objects (Iot), Big Data, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence applications can only be put into practice by working with the best ones. This belief determines our working style.


Aiming to be a leading organization contributing to the development of the information technologies in Turkey with national capabilities and talents, Hiyel Tech also provides consultancy services in the fields of management, technology and finance for your projects.


Hiyel Teknoloji hakkında insanların akıllarına takılan soruları kısaca burada cevaplamaya çalıştık. Sizin de aklınıza takılan sorularınız varsa iletişim formumuzu doldururarak bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. Gönderileriniz gönderim sırasına göre mümkün olan en kısa süre içerisinde cevaplanacaktır.

We are not an NGO; instead, we are such an organization in private sector that has high income targets, but is also not profit-oriented. We give support to hard-to-actualize projects in every respect.

We want to earn tomorrow instead of earning today. While we become partners to bright ideas at lower rates, we ensure their actualization.

No. While the Angel investment platforms lean towards all kinds of profitable projects, we are focused on the development of hard but highly beneficial projects for now. While the Angel investment platforms are profit-oriented, they care about those ideas that will bring about quick return, we lean towards strategic middle-long-term ideas as well.

Ideas are evaluated by our commission. We can give supports for such ideas that could not be started since they were complex to be developed, but highly beneficial and realistic.

Yes. Our purpose of establishment is to create a synergy by bringing the best ones together as well as improving the quality of the IT specialists in Turkey. You can be a partner of successful projects by means of your talents. You can write us from the communication section for meeting.

As Hiyel Technology, we are not profit-oriented. Our priority is to contribute to our country; therefore, we consider it our duty to mature realistic ideas and help them meet with their supporters.


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